On Mindset, Perspective, and Fear

An empty financial district in SF — March 25, 2020
  • Visitors to our home routinely take off their masks upon entering. Despite the fact that this is one of the best ways to spread Covid, it was not ignorance that fueled this action. It was the notion that we would cover our faces, hide our expressions, and succumb to fear that would diminish the quality of our personal interactions was not an option.
  • During one of the three lockdowns, travel more than 1km from home was limited except to exercise. A certain family member of ours would regularly bike more than 30km each way to see us and our kids. Can you reconcile for me the refusal to break one rule (traveling more than 1km by car) while being willing to break another (being in a home that is not yours)? I attribute it to a recognition that the lockdown matters, but that family matters more. Or, if you’re more cynical, that family matters and not getting caught matters too.
  • People regularly rationalized and carved out exceptions to justify seeing people. e.g., even though outdoor gatherings were limited to very small groups and socialization cross-household was prohibited, we would regularly meet kids from our children’s classes at the playground because we could have easily just showed up there independently and then it would have been fine. Similarly, we regularly met with our family members who live on our street arguing to ourselves that we are effectively one household.
“Social distancing” Israel style, mid-pandemic in December 2020



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Jonathan Aizen

Jonathan Aizen

Founder at Amitree, Dapper, and Live Music Archive, father, husband, evangelist, entrepreneur, and technology leader.